Luggage straps are no doubt a lifesaver. I won’t just jump into teaching you how to use a luggage strap but I want you to know why you need a strap for your trips.

Before we learn how to strap luggage together, let me share my experience with you. A few years ago, I was traveling by train and suddenly I saw a lady running and waving down at us, she was trying not to miss the train. She was carrying with her a handbag and big luggage.

Luckily, she got to the train and was about to board only for her to notice her clothes have been falling off several miles away.

She felt so embarrassed about going back to pick her underwear and clothes on the road and I also felt bad for her.

I can hear you whispering she was not supposed to run!

Yes, that is true! but your luggage can accidentally open even when you are on a queue to board or be checked at the airport. The zipper of your bag can get broken or malfunction when you least expect.

Therefore, the safest option is the use of a luggage strap. Just like the straps inside suitcase attaches together and hold your clothing together, you can also use the luggage strap to keep the bag closed tightly or to attach two bags to each other.

With the luggage straps, you can be sure your luggage will remain closed while bustling through the airport and juggling for tickets.

4 DIY Luggage Strap Instructions

2 pair luggage strapped together

Step 1

Check for the hard-sided piece of the luggage and wrap the strap around it. Stand the luggage or suitcase in an upright position and place the buckle in the middle of the front or back side.

Make sure it’s not too tight when cinching the strap so that it will not bend the luggage.

Step 2

If you are packing a soft-sided suitcase, its best to strap the bag across the zipper. Because a tightly packed luggage can burst at the seams and this could be very embarrassing in a crowd.

Therefore, apply the strap around the luggage and pull it tight so that if the zipper comes open, the strap will keep it closed.

Step 3

Furthermore, you can use the luggage strap to hold multiple pieces of luggage or suitcase together.

Firstly, stand the largest luggage upright and lift the handle out. Lean the next largest suitcase or carry-on against the handle then wrap the strap from the bottom of the large luggage to the edge of the handle.

Lastly, clip the strap tightly in the middle of the lower luggage but not too tight to avoid luggage bends.

Step 4

Roll the remaining length of the strap around the flat strap for safety purpose. Most times, the remaining length of the strap is let loose and can cause an accident in transit.

Although, it’s better to have a strap with extra length than getting a short one when attaching multiple luggage.

With these 4 steps, you’ve just learned how to strap luggage together. Therefore, let’s dive into selecting the right straps for your luggage.

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How to Choose the Best Luggage Strap

colorful luggage strap

Select a Colorful Luggage Strap

The choice of selecting a colorful luggage strap is not only for beauty but it’s an easy way to identify your luggage or suitcase from several ones.

In an airport hall, there are similar pieces of luggage and one can get confused in the midst of several backpacks. But if you use a bright colored strap for your luggage it will be easy to spot it from others on the baggage carousel.

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Check the Type of Buckle

buckle strap

The two most common type of buckles is the belt buckle and the side pinch buckle. The belt buckle is similar to a belt and it hooks well.

However, it is advisable to go for the pinch side buckle as it tightens well and easy to release.

This type of strap buckle is common among American Tourister but always make sure you test the buckle if it’s not loose before buying it.

Choose a Luggage Strap with Locking Features

luggage strap with locking features

With the help of locking features on your strap, you can secure your luggage from theft.

A luggage strap protects your belongings from falling off accidentally, while the TSA lock will protect your bag from thieves.

However, it is advisable you go for a TSA approved luggage lock to avoid any hold up when TSA wants to check your luggage.

Lastly, for those that don’t use their suitcase often, I would advise you to write down the combination of your lock and keep it somewhere.

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