Are you packing a suitcase for air travel and you are confused? Or is this your first time on a air trip and you are overwhelmed on what to pack?

You don’t have to worry, everyone’s first time is always stressful but I will help reduce your stress. Just read through this guide and follow the instructions.

If you are traveling by air, and you are
packing liquids, clothes, toiletries and other materials either for business or
pleasure you must always follow the TSA guide. When you pack your suitcase or
luggage according to the TSA guide, it helps minimize delay when boarding.

Also, this guide will help you with tips about folding or rolling clothe in your ride on suitcase without wrinkle. But for detailed information you can check our post on How to Pack a Backpack with Clothes.

Steps for Packing a Suitcase for Airline Travel

Arrange clothes and traveling material on a surface

Write Out What You Need

The very first thing I do whenever I want to
travel is to write down everything I need. I write from the most obvious material
to the smallest details.

Most times when we travel, our luggage is
filled with “I might need it” materials and they are not eventually useful in
the long run.

Therefore, the first rule of packing is writing
down what you need, and then you arrange them according to their level of

Arrange Your Clothes and Shoes

Partition the space in your suitcase into two. The first part should be for shoes, iron and other hard substances. While the other part is for your clothes – shirts, pants, blazers, ties, and underwear.

Firstly, make sure your socks are stuffed into your footwear
to manage space. Then arrange the shoes together heel to toe at the space you
created for the shoes.

Preferably, you can put the shoes in a plastic bag before
arranging in the bag to prevent dirt on your clothes.

Secondly, fold or roll your pants and skirt to avoid wrinkles
and lay it at the bottom of the ride on suitcase. Then you can fold your shirts
and arrange it on the pant and skirt.

Lastly, the space on the shoes can also be occupied by clothes, ties, and other materials.

Spread Books Around

If you are traveling with books, files and writing materials,
just arrange them in those empty crevices created as a result of the position
of your shoes and clothes. You don’t need an extra bag for your books.

Pack Liquid and Toiletries Separately

Liquids, gels, medication, breast milk and perfumes that
exceed a volume of 3.4 Oz should be packed in your checked luggage.

Also, sports equipment and prohibited items like knife,
scissors and your toiletries should be kept in your checked luggage for easy

All liquids and prohibited items must be declared and
inspected hence it will be more convenient to open your checked luggage or carryon
bag than opening your suitcase.

packed suitcase with clothes

Packing Tips for Air Travel

  • If you think it won’t fit in your bag, wear it. That is if you think your shoe is too big for your bag and you need it in your destination, just wear it.

  • You can use packing cubes when arranging your clothes. It helps create space and reduces clothe wrinkle.

  • Always put materials you will access often at the top.

  • Never put light material down and heavy material on it, to avoid crushing of the light material.

  • Do not pack what you can buy

  • Always wrap your toiletries in a plastic bag because it might leak

Having checked our post on how to pack a suitcase for airline travel, you can add you your view and travel experience in the comment box.