For some people packing clothes in a backpack is the most difficult task in the world. I feel your pain, although, I don’t fall into this category, my wife does. It’s always a tug of war when we are preparing for any trip but don’t worry I always save the day. 🙂

There are two schools of taught on how to pack a backpack with clothes for either vacation or business trips. Some people think the best way to pack clothes in a backpack is by rolling and folding while others think it’s better to use packing cubes or compression bags.

However, these two methods both have their advantages. Using a compression bag can help create a lot of space in the backpack and reduce the packing stress.

On the other hand, rolling and folding reduces the stress of unpacking and you don’t have to worry about wrinkles.

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Therefore in this article, I will give you the best DIY tips to pack your backpack or suitcase for air travel, camping or vacations without spending a dime.

DIY Tips for Packing for Vacation

how to pack a backpack with clothes 2

Spread It Out

The first you want to do is make the right selections and spread it out on a flat surface.

This is just like picking your team for a football match and lining them up. What this procedure helps you with his decision making.

That is, you will know the number of clothes going into your backpack before packing it.

Sort Items by Weight

how to pack a backpack with clothes 1

After laying your clothes and every other traveling essential out on the flat surface, then you can now separate them from the lightest to the heaviest.

The primary purpose of this procedure is because you want the lightest item to be at the bottom of your backpack.

Also, this helps you observe if you’ve not forgotten an important item.

Select the Right Backpack

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After you finish sorting and all your clothes and traveling item are set, check for the best backpack that will fit the load you want to carry and is right for your trip.

If you are traveling for a long period of time then you should go for a backpack with many compartments.

Furthermore, if you are planning to go on a hiking trip, a waterproof backpack is a better choice.

Lastly, if you are just visiting a theme park or staying in a friend’s house for a short while then a small or medium-sized backpack is recommended.

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Best Way to Pack Clothes in a Backpack without Wrinkles

how to fold a shirt

Use the Folding Method to Store Shirts

Spread the shirt on a flat surface and make sure the back is facing upward. Divide the shirt into three layers with your hand (left, center and right).

Fold the left layer on the middle layer with the shirt sleeve, repeat this process for the right layer and you will get a single layer on the table.

Lastly, partition that single layer into three with your hand (bottom, center, and top). Fold the bottom layer on the middle layer then fold it further on the top layer. Check here for more details.

Fold Pants and Skirts to Avoid Wrinkles

how to fold a pant

Lay the skirt or pant on a flat surface, fold it lengthwise on themselves. Fold the pant back pocket to back pocket then fold in halves or third depending and the length.

Roll Pair of Socks and Ties

how to roll a pair of socks

Place two socks on each other on a flat surface. Fold the best end of the sock back on itself for 2 inches, at that point, from the toes of the socks, move them up until they’re a tight package.

Also, place the tie on a flat surface and roll it on itself for 3 inches.

Fold Underwear Neatly and Place in the Shirt

Spread the underwear out on a level surface. Modify the belt of the underwear around 3 inches at that point, overlay the two edges towards the center with the goal that they’re both parallel to one another. So, after folding the underwear neatly, carefully place it between the folded shirts to save space.

Store the Socks and Ties within the Soles of the Shoe

storing rolled socks in shoes

Since you will be going along with 2 or 3 pairs of shoes, you can as well store your well-packed socks in it. The neatly rolled socks and ties should be placed inside the shoes for safety and space management. A pair of shoe can accommodate 5 pairs of rolled socks and ties.

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Storing and Organizing in the Bag

how to arrange clothes in a backpack

The first item to place in the bag is your shoe containing the socks, ties, bar soap and other small items. You can also add any item you won’t access frequently at the bottom of the backpack.

The next thing to place in the bag is your skirt and pants. Preferably, jeans materials are the best here, they would be able to balance well on the shoe and other accessories.

After which you can place your shirt conveniently on the pants.

Lastly, you can stick other items you will be accessing frequently like your umbrella, jackets and other petty things in the little spaces created by the side.

Don’t forget the primary goal is packing your clothes in the backpack without wrinkles. Hence, don’t be tempted to put your shirts at the bottom of the backpack.

Thanks for checking out how to pack a backpack with clothes on our blog. I do hope you found the information here useful!

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