There is a feeling that comes with planning a trip to Disney World, and this feeling is what makes people get right into the spirit.

Just like you decorate your house for holidays, most Disney travellers comes dressing to fit the occasion and place.

However, your costume is not complete without a befitting Disney world backpack. These backpacks are great for keeping your belongings while also putting you in the mood of the upcoming fun.

Getting the best backpack for Disney world can become a tough task due to the variety of the product in the market.

This is why we have come up with this article to point you in the right direction. We will give you hands-on information that will help you in the process of buying the best backpack for Disney world.

But before we jump into the best backpack for Disneyland, let me update a long time Disney visitors on the new things at Disney world.

10 New Things to Do At Disney World

new things to do at disneyland

Disney world is known to be a massive vacation resort that is home to several hotels and a vast number of restaurants, entertainment stores, shopping mall and plenty of other exciting items.

There are a series of things you can do at Disney world that will bring a vast wealth of fun to you and your family.

However, we have come up with a list of the ten new things you can engage in at Disney world.

  • Dine out at great restaurants
  • Hang out with the Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Have fun at the Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach
  • Travel to the Pandora, world of Avatar
  • Have an experience at the Tower of Terror
  • Have a thrill of your life at the Summit Plummet
  • Take your kids for the best ride at Disney World
  • Have a glorious time at any of the Disney hotels
  • Get an experience of the Galaxy edge at star wars land
  • Look out for where to get the best ride and show

What Type Of Bag Should I Carry?

Burtons nightmare backpack for disneyland

Are you going for a fun pack with your kids at Disney world?

You would have to carry two sets of bags, one for your personal belongings and another for your supplies.

Below are the types of bag to carry to Disneyland:

Crossbody Bag

This is one of the best bags to take for your personal belongings because it allows you quick access to your stuff.

Fanny Pack/Waist Bag

This is fun to carry bag because it can house your snacks, tablets, phones, credit cards and many others.

Backpacks for Disney world

Packs are great because they are spacious and have compartments that can house bigger stuff like laptops and clothes.

Scroll down for the best backpack for Disney world.

Can I Bring A Backpack To Disney World?

According to the Disney World website, it is allowed to come to the Disney world pack with your backpack even if they are with wheels or not.

However, there are rules and recommendation of what type and size of a backpack to bring to the pack.

Your backpack size is not allowed to be higher than 24″ (61 cm) long x 15″ (38 cm) wide x 18″ (46 cm) tall.

For further convenience of visitors into the pack, there are lockers available to keep your belongings in cases whereby you don’t want to come with a backpack.

However, coming with your backpack is fine and allowed into Disney world.

What Size Backpack Can I Take Into Disney World?

what size is the best backpack for disney world

Disney world allows you to come to the park with your backpack, suitcase or other types of bags.

However, Disney world has a strict rule guiding this decision, and it is essential that you follow these rules to avoid any form of embarrassment.

Backpacks or suitcases with or without wheels are not allowed to be larger than 24” long x 15” wide x 18” high (61 cm x 38 cm x 46 cm).

Having known this, always adhere to the rule.

Best Bag to Carry at Disney World

Jansport best backpack for Disney world

There are different types of backpack you can carry to Disney world. All you have to do is to pay attention to the one that suits you and can house your belongings properly.

Since it is a family trip, there are a series of backpacks for each person, the one for the parent and the one for the kids.

You have to consider the type of backpack that is functional, cute, stylish and durable.

If you are going for style, the Minnie mouse Faux leather backpack is the best fit for stylish adults.

Another one on the list is Hynes Victory backpack. This bag is so affordable, and it is popular in Disney world.

For functional backpacks, the OutdoorMaster Sling bag is one of the best you can carry along to Disney world.

The Under amour Hustle 3.0 backpack is also a great and functional bag that helps to carry your belonging with effectiveness.

Lastly, for the kids, you can trust the Disney Backpack with Safety Harness Straps to serve your kids well, and it comes highly recommended.

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Key Features for the Best Disney World Backpack

key features of the best backpack for Disney world


Your Disney world backpack must make you feel comfortable when carrying it. Therefore, avoid a bag that will get cranky at the park.

Fill the bag up, adjust the strap to your convenience then carry it to see how it makes your back feel or how your shoulders feel before taking it to Disney world.

Capability and Size

Size and capacity is also an important criterion when choosing the best backpack for Disney world. You do not have to overfill your backpack in such a way that it becomes too heavy to carry.

However, it’s essential that your backpack can carry all your items, which are why you should focus on the size. But also put in mind the backpack size that is allowed into the park.

Organisation and Internal Pockets

When your items are well arranged and easily accessible, it makes you feel at ease. Knowing where your items are and finding it in the right place will help you get rid of unnecessary stress.

Also, other things to look out for are durability, water resistance feature, price and the organisation of external pocket.

10 Best Backpack for Disney World

Disney Descendants 2 Backpack

Disney Descendants 2 Backpack

Check Price Here

The Disney descendants backpack is the first on our list of the best backpack for Disney world because of its popularity amidst kids.

This is a pretty backpack with good and original faux leather grain. This backpack is practically an authentic Disney store material.

Laced on the backpack is an embossed graphic design that will instantly get you attracted to the backpack.

Also, the Disney descendants backpack comes with an adjustable strap that will bring comfort to your shoulder and back.

The menacing metal studs also bring a touch of brilliance and attraction to the backpack. Plus it has a decent security measure due to the presence of the magnetic closure.

Finally, this backpack can keep your belongings intact and safe, and it is pretty durable and classy.

JanSport Disney Superbreak Backpack (Day in the Park)

JanSport Disney Superbreak Backpack - best backpack for disney world

Check Price Here

The JanSport Disney Superbreak Backpack is a beautiful backpack that comes with lots of features that will make you enjoy using the bag.

Additionally, the backpack comes with one main compartment that is very spacious for the housing of your belongings.

Furthermore, the backpack design is lovely because it is a straight cut bag with well-padded shoulder straps for your comfort.

Also, the bag offers a front utility pocket that will make the organising of your belongings very meticulous and easy.

Finally, this bag is highly durable due to its 600D polyester material, and it will last you for a very long time.


Highly durable backpack

Brings comfort to users


The bag’s colour can quickly wane

Hynes Victory Faux Leather Backpack for Women Dressy Campus Backpack Purse

Hynes Victory Faux Leather Backpack for Women Dressy Campus Backpack Purse

Check Price Here

The Hynes backpack for women is designed to look great and to match any choice of a feminine outfit.

This bag is made from faux patent leather, which makes it strong, and the design is pretty dressy and straightforward.

Additionally, the bag features a medium-sized purse with a dimension of 11.02″L x 5.90″W x 14.76″H, and it weighs 1.68 pounds.

Furthermore, it offers two compartments, a zip pocket and double slip pockets while the exterior part of the bag features a gold tone zipper.

It also comes with 1 top zip small pocket, two front zip pockets and one zip pocket at the back.


The shoulder strap is adjustable and made from synthetic leather for comfort

The backpack is great for easy travelling


The main zipper makes it hard to remove the laptop

Minnie Mouse Faux Leather Mini Backpack

Minnie Mouse Faux Leather Mini Backpack

Check Price Here

The Minnie mouse faux leather mini backpack is one of the standard looking backpacks you can put your money on.

The backpack is made of black and other very enticing colour to bring out the sharpness of your dressing.

Additionally, this backpack is a perfect fit for your belongings as it offers pockets for your phone, wallet, and snack pack.

Furthermore, the main pocket is significant, and it also offers one main front pocket and two slot pocket.

Finally, the bag comes with a red bow to bring sharpness to the black colour of the bag. And under the red bow is a plaque that shows Minnie mouse graceful lettering.


A classy and decent backpack

Strong leather design


The leather is not as durable as advertised.

Small Backpack – Disney – Minnie Mouse – Dots with Mickey Album Stickers

Small Backpack - Disney - Minnie Mouse - Dots with Mickey Album Stickers

Check Price Here

The small Disney Minnie mouse backpack is made directly from 100% polyester, and it comes with a main compartment and a single outer compartment.

Furthermore, it comes with Mickey album stickers and a drawing closure that makes it look fascinating.

Additionally, the backpack is designed to bring comfort to your shoulders as the straps are easily adjustable to your taste.

The backpack is designed to be lightweight as it comes with an 8.2 ounce in weight and dimension of 11.2 x 10 x 1.6 inches.

Overall, your little girl will love this backpack as it offers lots of attraction to children.


The backpack is made from polyester

It is well spacious


The backpack ears do flop over

American Tourister Kids’ Disney Children’s Backpack, Frozen, One Size

American Tourister Kids' Disney Children's Backpack, Frozen, One Size

Check Price Here

The American Tourister Kids’ Disney Children’s Backpack is one of the best backpacks for Disney world on the market.

The backpack features a front panel organisation that will allow you to organise your items with ease and no fear of rumpling.

Additionally, the bag is designed with a lightweight material, which makes it durable with a beautiful backpack colour.

Furthermore, this backpack is suitable for both boys and girls, and it has a large compartment that helps to keep your stuff.

Finally, the backpack comes with a water bottle pocket, and it is splashed with a 10-year warranty.


The backpack comes with a 10-year warranty

Makes it easy to organise your stuff


No cons

Disney Loungefly Rose Gold Backpack —SOLD OUT HARD TO FIND—- last one!!—— NEW Minnie Mouse Rose Gold Ears, Disney park

Disney Loungefly Rose Gold Backpack

Check Price Here

The Disney Loungefly backpack is presented exclusively from Walt Disney World theme parks and resort. This is an attractive looking backpack with Gold colour.

This bag is making a statement in the market due to its beautiful look and the Rose gold sequin outer shell fabric lining.

Additionally, the backpack has an outer dimension of 10″ high x 9″ wide x 6″ thick.

Also, it offers a two-way zipper closure at the top plus an additional front zipper pocket.

Finally, the backpack is designed to be lightweight with 1.47 pounds of weight, and it comes with a durable fabric body.


Durable fabric body

Lightweight backpack

Disney Minnie Mouse Toss Head Print Backpack Diaper Bag, Grey

Disney Minnie Mouse Toss Head Print Backpack Diaper Bag

Check Price Here

In terms of fashion and trends, this backpack is one of the best in the market. The backpack comes with a trendy and fashionable outlook.

The stylish design of this Disney diaper bag is why it is perfect for your everyday use.

Additionally, the backpack design is sturdy, and it offers comfort due to the adjustable shoulder strap.

Furthermore, this is a large capacity backpack with a handy feature that allows moms to carry their entire baby’s need.

Finally, the Disney backpack comes with a changing pad, and it is quite durable for use.


Sturdy and durable

Multifunctional backpack

MOSISO Sling Backpack, Multipurpose Crossbody Shoulder Bag Travel Hiking Daypack

MOSISO Sling Backpack, Multipurpose Crossbody Shoulder Bag Travel Hiking Daypack

Check Price Here

The Mosiso sling backpack is a high-end quality backpack that comes with a large zipper compartment.

Here is one of the best backpack for Disney world that is perfect for your iPads, tablets and power banks.

Additionally, this is a multifunctional bag with great storage and accessory compartments. Also, it has functional pockets for your mouse, power cord, papers, books and more.

This bag can be used as a messenger bag, crossbody bag, sling bag, chest bag, travel bag and casual daypack.

Lastly, the backpack offers a flexible satchel shoulder strap that varies from 18 to 36 inch, which makes it easily adjustable.


Multifunctional Disney backpack

Durable and stylish

Tim Burtons the Nightmare before Christmas Backpack by Dooney& Bourke

Tim Burtons The Nightmare Before Christmas Backpack by Dooney & Bourke

Check Price Here

Tim Burtons backpack is an expensive bag that comes with lots of great features. The bag is designed with 100% nylon material that makes it durable.

Also, here is a Disney product that makes it attractive to the buyers on the go and the bag’s colour is genuinely refreshing.

The bag comes with an adjustable strap for the comfort of your shoulder and also comes with a large main compartment. Plus an additional small compartment in the front.

Finally, this is a classy and fashionable bag that will readily match your outfit.


Fashionable and classy

Comfortable backpack

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring Backpack To Disney World?

Yes, you can bring a backpack into Disney world, but your backpack should meet the specified size above.

Also, you should expect a thorough inspection of your backpack before you can enter into Disney world.

Can I Take Backpacks On Rides At Disney World?

Yes, you can take your backpacks on every ride at Disney world. And this is because they have storage spaces in the park to help you keep your backpacks.

The spaces are either located under your seats, below your feet or a mesh pouch in front of you.

In cases where your items do not fit into the available space, the Disney cast members will help you, safeguard, your bag until your ride is over.

Am I Allowed To Customize My Backpack?

Yes, it is allowed to customise your backpack as many Disney backpack are customizable. A perfect example is the Minnie Mouse backpack.

What’s The Price Range of These Backpacks?

Disney character backpacks vary in price from extremely expensive to extremely affordable. However, each backpack price is dependent on your specifications and brand.

Where Can I Buy Jansport Disney World Backpacks?

The Jansport backpack, which is one of the best backpacks for Disney world in the market, can be bought here.


With the above-provided information on getting the best backpack for Disney world, we hope we have been able to alleviate your stress by answering some vital questions.

Also, the listed products are the top selling in the market and buying any one of these products will give you the satisfaction you hoped for.

You can add your comment below for any information about Disney world.

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