Children, as much of a handful as they can be, are blessings to parents. Although, they can at certain times be a bit challenging to take care of.

Getting the best backpack diaper bag for your little bundle of joy can be a bit challenging. As there is a myriad of things to look out for ranging from the price, the design, and more.

We are here to help you make the best choice as regards selecting the best backpack diaper bag. Moreover, this will save you a lot of time to source different markets and keep your resources for other expenses.

Detailed on this post of the best diaper bag backpack are features you should watch out for.

From the backpack comfortable nature to its lightweight, durability, water-resistant quality and easy to carry variety.

All these make it an excellent choice for parents who needs a good bag for carrying things for their babies.

Additionally, these bags are built in with shoulder pads making it easy for a parent to take for prolonged periods.

Why Choose a Diaper Bag Backpack?

why choose a diaper bag

A diaper bag backpack possesses many advantages, from its numerous pockets to its adjustable stroller straps, a changing pad, and a sundry bag.

Also, the best backpack diaper bag has insulated storage for bottles and snacks. Because these items can always spill and affect other items in the bag.

But the insulated room prevents such spill over into other parts of the backpack.

Another reason to pick a backpack diaper bag is the ease with which it can be cleaned or washed. Mostly, when some baby food pours in the wrong part of the backpack.

Can You Wash Your Diaper Bags?

why choose a diaper bag

Cleaning your diaper bags should be paramount as now and then. Your baby diaper bags can get stained due to a spill from a food or a snack.

Before washing your diaper bag backpack with a machine, ensure to check out the manufacturer’s instruction. Diaper bags can also be cleaned by hand in a wash sink.

However, it is advised to first test a detergent on a small area of the diaper bag’s material before washing it fully. This prevents the content from being damaged during the washing process.

Diaper Bag Backpack Vs. Tote Bag- Which Is Best?

diaper bag and tote

Diaper bags have many plus sides to it. The diaper bag backpack is best for travel purposes as it is almost always secure on your back the entire time.

This gives you an extra hand to take care of the baby. Also, the backpack poses a sporty outlook, as it is useful on free family days.

A tote bag is stylish, making it trendy to wear with various kinds of outfits. It is better for parents of toddlers, as your child will already be able to move around.

A tote bag also comes in various shapes and sizes, making it preferred by specific individuals due to their variety.

The best diaper bag is preferably the diaper bag backpack, as its nature and material make it more babies friendly. More so, it has a higher resistance to spills than the tote bag.

However, various individuals have different preferences. Hence, the best diaper bag is the one that works best for you.

How to Pack a Diaper Bag – Step by Step Guide

pack a diaper bag

When it comes to packing a diaper bag, there are various ways certain people can go about it. Most importantly, we need to ascertain what the essential items are.

Step One

Since it’s a diaper backpack, the first item to pack is your baby’s diaper. Diapers are to be packed firstly, with a 1-2 day supply to cater for a few outings.

This should roughly be between ten to twelve diapers in the backpack.

Step Two

Wipes are like the next thing on the list, with wipes you should stick to one full package. After the wipes, the diaper changing pads are next, as most diaper bags are outfitted with their changing pad.

If you need something to be removed from your bag, then this changing pad is essential.

Step Three

The diaper disposal bags then follow these bags come in handy as diaper changes can be messy in most scenarios.  The disposal bag comes in a convenient roll, with one pull-out and then disposed of.

Step Four

A formula dispenser also has to be packed, along with snacks, pacifiers, and personal items. These items could be your keys wallet and more.

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How to Choose the Best Backpack Diaper Bag

choose the best backpack diaper bag

Bag Space

This is a critical aspect in selecting backpack diaper bags as you would need a lot of room in your backpack.

Although, it depends on the number of kids you have, your lifestyle, your job, and several other factors.

Getting a bag with a lot of pockets is paramount, as it would help the parent contain a lot of items in the bag.

Ease of cleaning

Most parents always have that awkward moment with their babies when traveling or in public places. Often occurrences are spilling of food to pouring of snacks in the wrong place, and in extreme cases, vomiting.

Getting a backpack that can easily be cleaned is a significant advantage as the parents can easily clean up their baby mess.


diaper bag3

Another critical factor is how comfortable the bag is on your back. No one would want to carry along a backpack that is uncomfortable for them, especially for long durations.

Therefore, before you decide on the best backpack diaper bag you have to consider comfortability features like the bag structure, back protection, and shoulder straps.


Lastly, the cost of the bag is paramount, as no one will want to overspend on such an item.

But quality matters when choosing an item for your baby.

Hence, you should find a way to reach a compromise between the price and quality of the diaper bags. Every mother wants the best for their babies.

 10 Best Backpack Diaper Bag Review

Eddie Bauer Back Pack Diaper Bag, Grey Heather

Eddie Bauer Back Pack Diaper Bag

Check Price Here

Eddie Bauer’s diaper bags is the first on our list of Best backpack diaper bag because of its design which a variety of lifestyles.

This bag is especially suited for full day journeys as there is more than enough room for everyone’s necessities.

Additionally, the bag is a hybrid of style and efficiency as the backpack contains features like a roomy interior.  It comes with eleven practical pockets which makes it easy for one to organize things.

Also, this easy to carry bag has satisfied extras that make it a catch with parents, some of which are diaper change pad and wipes storage dispenser.

It also contains insulated side pockets for keeping drinks and other snacks in it.

Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack, Greenwich Multi-Function Baby Travel Bag with Changing Pad and Stroller Straps, Vegan Leather, Portobello

Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack, Greenwich Multi-Function Baby Travel Bag

Check Price Here

This backpack is loved for its ability to offer two different looks in one bag. Due to a convertible strap that can convert it from a regular diaper bag backpack to a messenger diaper bag.

The backpack contains plenty of room for the important stuff and is made of leather. This feature makes it relatively easy to clean or wipe off in the event of a stain.

Additionally, a popular feature of this backpack is the compartmentalized nature, which makes it easy to organize.

However, this backpack is slightly pricey, as this may be a turn off for certain parents.

JuJuBe Be Right Back Multi-Functional Structured Backpack/Diaper Bag, Legacy Collection – The Queen of The Nile – Black/White Chevron

JuJuBe Be Right Back Multi-Functional Structured Backpack and Diaper Bag

Check Price Here

This bag is more than a worthy upgrade on your regular backpack. It has a stylish outlook, ergonomically designed straps and a mesh that is more than comfortable for you to wield.

The backpack is great for trips, sports days, and various outdoor functions. This backpack is a mix of style, sass, and functionality, as its versatility is another top feature of this backpack.

Lastly, the Jujube backpack has loads of space for storage. It is designed safe and easy to use and contains bottle compartments for feeding bottles and other essentials.

However, the backpack seems to be weak at the seams, as the seams are not correctly done, leading to it giving way from the seams.

HSD Diaper Bag Backpack + Changing Pad, Insulated Pockets, Stroller Straps for The Tactical Dad (Black)

HSD Diaper Bag Backpack

Check Price Here

This versatile backpack which can be used on various outdoor activities like hunting, hiking, fishing, and mountaineering.

HSD backpack is one of a kind, as it can also be used as a gym bag or a school bag. The HSD diaper bag’s versatility makes it a top pick for most folks as it is useful for a range of activities.

This bag is durable, reliable and is made up of waterproof material, polyester to be precise having an interior lining.

Additionally, the bag is large, with enough room for the essentials and everything in between even for more than one kid. It also contains two sizeable insulated bottle holders on each bag side.

One downside of this bag is its weight when empty, as it weighs about 3.45 pounds when it is empty. The backpack is slightly more massive than other best backpack diaper bag on our list.

Diaper Bag Multi-Function Waterproof Travel Backpack Nappy Bags for Baby Care, Large Capacity, Stylish and Durable, Mom Bag by Lifecolor (Orange Pink)

Diaper Bag Multi-Function Waterproof Travel Backpack

Check Price Here

The Lifecolor bag is large and roomy; being able to contain all that baby needs for the perfect day out,

making babysitting a lot more fun.

This stylish, portable, comfortable and very importantly waterproof bag is designed to integrate into its design. This is the feature that makes it easy to use and convenient for parents.

One huge pro of this backpack is its versatility, as it can cater to a myriad of uses, making it one of the go-to bags for parents. However, this bag is not machine washable, as it has to be cleaned by hand.

Overall, this bag is an excellent pick for a diaper bag backpack and should be one of the top picks for anyone sourcing for such bags.

Itzy Ritzy Diaper Bag Backpack – Large Capacity Boss Backpack Diaper Bag Featuring Bottle Pockets, Changing Pad, Stroller Clips and Comfortable Backpack Straps, Coffee and Cream

Itzy Ritzy Diaper Bag

Check Price Here

The diaper bag which comes in various color shades has a roomy interior with a fantastic additional ten pockets.

Consciously or not, your backpack will be kept organized and it will be it easy to find anything.

Also, the backpack comes with a fitted changing pad, vegan leather tassel, stroller straps, and rubber feet.

This backpack is easy to access, possessing a total of seventeen pockets, including two insulated bottle pockets.

Lastly, the bag’s durability is a significant stand out characteristic of it.

HaloVa Diaper Bag Multi-Function Waterproof Travel Backpack Nappy Bags for Baby Care, Large Capacity, Stylish and Durable, Gray

HaloVa Diaper Bag

Check Price Here

Here is another bag pick on our best backpack diaper bag list. Halova produces durable and quality backpack with a large holding capacity.

This bag is made of high-quality, durable Oxford fabric, making it water-resistant and easy to clean. Therefore, it gives you confidence when arranging your baby items in the bag.

More so, the bag is multi-functional, as it can also function as a handbag. The bag can even be taken out on other non-baby activities like shopping, traveling and more.

DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag (Regen Dark Charcoal)

DadGear Diaper Bag

Check Price Here

Our best backpack diaper bag list will not be complete without the DadGear Backpack. Here is another backpack in the line of internally spacious bags.

The diaper bag has an extra-large capacity with 13 specially designed compartments. The compartment helps you better organize baby items and other personal effects.

Likewise, this backpack is the top pick bag for tens of thousands of dads and other active parents worldwide.

This bag is durably constructed with high-quality materials and includes stroller straps, changing pad, diaper hammock, and padded straps.

One plus side to this bag is its comfortable design, making it suitable to almost any environment, as it can also be hand washed.

However, the backpack has no insulated compartments for bottles, representing a con to this otherwise well-crafted bag.

ECOSUSI Diaper Backpack Fully-opened Baby Diaper Bag with Changing Pad, Orange (Upgraded)

ECOSUSI Diaper bag

Check Price Here

The modern design that comes with the bag is a significant catch. It helps you retain your style while rocking this bag.

This diaper backpack is roomy and has enough space for baby essentials. Like wipes, diapers, bottles and whatever you deem fit.

Additionally, the bag is water-resistant, made from polyester material and is easy to clean. It has two insulated side pockets, keeping your bottles and other drinks properly.

It also comes with a well-padded shoulder strap and panel that help to evenly distribute the weight around the back and prevent any deformity for the wearer.

Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack with Stroller Straps, Changing Pad and Sundry Bag – Black

Bag Nation Diaper Bag

Check Price Here

This backpack is ideally suited for the on-the-go parent. The bag houses 14 multi-sized pockets, making sure you always have room for that extra something.

Interestingly, it contains an insulated pocket large enough to hold many bottles, as it is water-resistant.

Also, it houses features like portable changing pad, travel pouch, and various other essential features.

One significant upside to this bag is its affordable price concerning the value it provides, as its numerous pockets.

Also, it comes with ample bag space, lifetime warranty, and water-resistant material.  All this makes it an excellent choice for minder and parents when looking for a diaper bag.


Diaper backpacks are as important as they sound.  As the 21st century now has most parents and babysitters on the go most of the time.

Getting the best backpack diaper bag for your baby cannot be overemphasized. It helps you keep track of all the essential things your baby would need.

Getting a diaper bag backpack today will make your work much more comfortable as a parent.