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To provide the most informative site for learning about your family travel gears and luggage.

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Lightvisit.com is a family of people with like minds, that thought of what it will look like if you are fully informed about your luggage and backpack before buying it.

You would ask! Do I really need any information about my luggage before I buy? Our content writing team will reply to you by asking! How many types of luggage can you travel with? Can you differentiate between a duffel and a backpack?

Our blog is not a bag blog so we are not discussing bags, we just want you to know that the knowledge about your travel gear is a continuous process, not a one-time knowledge.

We can assure you there is no better place to get that knowledge than our very own Lightvisit.

At Lightvisit.com, we give extensive information about travel gear, luggage, backpack, suitcase, travel guide and informative contents on beautiful places around the world.

We are saying don’t wait until you get confused before you run to us, make it a habit of picking at least one of our post to read on every day. We are never out of information. In fact, there is new information every day.

Thanks to you, our goal is been achieved every day. We are presently the only site that concentrates fully on the personal development of our users about their travel gear.

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Lightvisit.com is run by a team of gurus. I must commend them, they are good at what they do.

I (Andre) lead the writing team and these folks are really good at their thing. You can see that through our articles.

Dammy leads the SEO team and they do an awesome job. Seth is the gang leader of the marketing team because that team is like a gang, they are so wonderful.

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