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best backpacks for amusement parks

I was inspired to write about the best backpacks for amusement parks after my experience at a well-known theme park. I had a Disney convention at Disney world and I went with the wrong bag, considering the hours of walking, sitting and riding in the temperate weather.

Unfortunately for me, I went with a heavy backpack containing everything I needed. In fact, I went with a spare to help anyone without knowing about the restrictions at Disney Park on the size of backpacks.

Sincerely, not knowing the rules actually ruined my day and I almost regretted visiting an amusement park. After this experience, I realized the bag you carry at any park can make or break your experience.

Luckily for you, I have visited several famous amusement parks like  Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags parks, Silver Dollar City, Hershey Park, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Universal (Hollywood and Orlando), SeaWorld (Orlando and San Diego) and of course Disney world.

Hence, I can give you the right tips when choosing the best backpack for any park.

What Is the Best Backpack for Disney World?

The best backpack for Disney world is any backpack that can accommodate all your in- park essentials and will still be light enough for you to carry around without having back pains.

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If you are planning a timeout with your kids or friends and wish to pack for a theme park, the best backpacks are listed below; you needn’t bother with a suitcase for amusement parks.

Likewise, most theme parks allow backpacks to be carried around hence you don’t have to rent a storage locker for your bag. Therefore, the backpacks listed below are the best backpacks for amusement parks.

Best Backpacks for Amusement Parks on Budget

Earth Pak Backpack - Foldable Day Pack

Check Price Here

This beautiful piece from the Earth Pak brothers is the best backpack on a budget on our list. Of course, this is not the cheapest product but this is the only product that is more valuable than its price.

The backpack has a waterproof fabric, elegant design, safety whistle, reflector strips and foldable when not in use.

If you want a quality backpack with a little budget then here is the best option for you.

What Do I Need to Pack for Disney World?

A lot of individuals will be visiting Disney World during the winter vacation. In the midst all the happy memories you have fantasized having, what to pack is yet a noteworthy worry.

Cheers! I will help you out with my personal list and you can use this as your template. So listed below are the major things I pack to a theme park.

  • Wet wipes and glow sticks
  • Snacks and water bottle
  • Sunglasses and lip balm
  • First aid fundamentals and zip lock pack
  • Mobile phone, charger, and portable battery charger.
  • Autograph books and pen
  • Rain ponchos and Tissue
  • Hat and hand towel
  • Lightweight sweatshirts
  • Breath mints and gums
  • And lastly Cash.

Overall Top Backpack for Disney World

HAZARD 4 Grayman(TM) Plan-B Light Go-Bag Sling Pack

Check Price Here

Since the goal is to get the best backpacks for amusement parks you can just put a stop to the search.

The Grayman sling pack fits every criterion we used for the selection. The size is awesome, the weight is perfect, it is very durable and it has a sleek appearance.

After a thorough review of several products, we choose HAZARD 4 Grayman(TM) Plan-B Light Go-Bag Sling Pack has the best on our list.

Things to Consider When Buying a Backpack for Theme Parks


best size backpack

Firstly, let’s talk about the size of the backpack because that was my major problem a Disney. The backpack for amusement parks must be a medium-size backpack or preferably a small bag.

All you need is a space for water, sunscreen and maybe snacks. Every other thing you bring are things you might not use.

Always go for a small bag with less inner compartments and more external pockets because you don’t want to be searching through your backpack every time you need something.


best weight minipack

The next thing you should keep in mind when considering the best backpacks for amusement parks is the weight of the bag.

There is every possibility that you might be carrying your backpack all day, trust me you don’t want to carry a backpack with padded straps for 16 hours. The primary purpose of going to a theme park is to relax and have fun but a bag with a padded strap will give you more weight and make you uncomfortable.

Therefore, I will recommend you always go for a backpack with at most 1lb weight, you can check for details here.

Durability/ Water-proof

Your backpack should serve you for at least a year hence durability is an important criterion on our list. Considering the fact that the bag will be used outdoor you want to make sure the pack is waterproof.

The weather can just change anywhere you are and you would want to keep your belongings safe from rain, therefore, the best backpacks for amusement parks are packs with waterproof features.


charminer sling bag

The idea of an amusement park is a colorful, fun-filled and beautiful place so you don’t just want to carry a dull bag or a backpack that does not fit your dress sense.

It is important you check out for a backpack that fits your fashion sense and of course colorful when visiting a theme park.

Getting the best backpacks for amusement parks could be stressful if you don’t consider the four things above.

Nonetheless, don’t forget the goal. The backpack is not for a vacation, camping or hiking trip hence you don’t need a heavy bag.

The 20 best backpacks for amusement parks listed in this post will be a perfect option for you to make your choice.

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20 Best Bag for Amusement Parks

  1. Under Armour Storm Hustle II Backpack

Under Armour Storm Hustle II Backpack, Graphite (040)

Check Price Here

The Under Armour storm hustle backpack is a very popular bag made by Under Armour. The backpack is gracing our list of best backpacks for amusement parks because of its known ruggedness and durability.

For those that go to a theme park with laptops, this well-made backpack is perfect for you.

Also, you don’t have to worry about rainfall as the backpack is water resistant with enough pocket to hold your properties safe.

Lastly, this great backpack can be used as a book bag for a college student or high school student and can also be used as a backpack for Disneyland.


It comes with different beautiful colors

The backpack is tough and has an abrasion-resistant bottom panel

It has an Adjustable Heat Gear shoulder straps for extra comfort

The bag comes with 3 interior pockets and 5 exterior pockets


So far the backpack is perfect

  1. KAVU Mini Rope Bag Cross Body Shoulder Cotton Backpack

KAVU Mini Rope Bag, Malibu

Check Price Here

The KAVU Mini rope bag is a combination of elegance and quality. Designing the bag to approximately 1/3 the size of most sling bag and can still function like every other sling bag makes it unique.

The design is light and big enough to contain your water bottle, smartphones, makeup, and other accessories.

Also, the mini rope backpack is available in different colors and patterns making it perfect for amusement parks.


Beautiful colors and patterns

Hands-free and durable rope shoulder strap

3 exterior pockets and 1 zip

The great bag is made with 100% cotton


Exclusive to this season. Won’t be reprinted once they are sold out

  1. Mygreen Casual Style Lightweight Canvas Backpack School Bag Travel Daypack

Mygreen Casual Style Lightweight Canvas Backpack School

Check Price Here

Mygreen lightweight canvas backpack is a stylish bag that fits for theme parks, travel, and school bag.

This multipurpose backpack is water resistant and comes with a lot of pockets to hold all your belongings. The bag is large to accommodate a laptop, water bottle, umbrella and other stuff for park trips.

Lastly, the backpack can blend with any type of fashion has it comes in several colors and cute patterns.


Padded adjustable shoulder straps for comfort

Colorful and cute patterns

Sturdy zippers

Water resistant and lightweight

Perfect for moms has a diaper bag


Perfect at this moment

  1. Adidas Alliance II

adidas Alliance II Sackpack

Check Price Here

Adidas Alliance sports backpack is cool for lovers of sports brands. This classy backpack is very light with few pockets to contain only the essential things you need.

The backpack is perfect for theme parks, gym, and sports occasions.

In addition, the bag comes with a mesh pocket and a zippered pocket, perfect for holding water bottles and smartphones.


Air mesh ventilation included

3 exterior pockets

Sport bag


Not suitable for heavy loads

  1. ProEquip Travel Bag Clear Unisex Transparent School Security Backpack

ProEquip Travel Bag Clear Unisex Transparent School Security Backpack

Check Price Here

ProEquip travel clear bag is the perfect choice for parks with serious security protocol. Because the backpack is transparent you might not be searched and less attention will be paid to your belongings.

The pack is very stylish and light weighted perfectly for amusement parks, music events, hiking, airports, and a trip to the beach.  This clear bag is durable and large enough to contain your items.


Lightweight clear bag

Two zippered pockets

Durable and sturdy


Not suitable as a school bag

  1. Backpack -Lightweight, Foldable, Durable Backpack Hiking, Travel, Camping, Climbing, School – Day Pack & Carry On Backpack Women, Men, Teens

Earth Pak Backpack - Foldable Day Pack

Check Price Here

Here is a perfect luggage bag from Earth Pak. The Earth Pak brothers have a reputation for their classy outdoor products and this backpack is one of the best in the daypack series.

Packaged with the elegant design is a safety feature that gives this backpack class from every other luggage. The backpack comes with a whistle and reflector strips for nighttime at any park.

Also, the bag has a water-resistant fabric, mesh shoulder straps, and chest straps.

Lastly, the backpack can be packed and tucked into your luggage when not in use. It is perfect for amusement parks, camping, traveling, and leisure.


Water resistant bottom

Attached whistle and reflective strips for safety

Chest straps for extra comfort

Foldable and packable when not in use


You have to be careful with the zipper else it stops functioning well

  1. Nicgid Sling Bag Chest Shoulder Backpack Crossbody Bags For iPad Tablet Outdoor Hiking Men Women

Nicgid Sling Bag Chest Shoulder Backpack

Check Price Here

Nicgid sling bag is a sleek crossbody backpack for theme parks. The backpack is has a multi-compartment with many pockets for water bottle, iPad and other supplies.

The luggage design makes it easy to be worn on the back, front or cross body.

Also, it comes with a water-resistant material making it suitable for rainy seasons. The shoulder strap makes the comfy and perfect for theme parks, gym, hiking, camping, and school.


Lightweight and water resistant

Suitable has a travel bag, a chest pack, and a shoulder bag

Spacious with a lot of pockets


It does not come with a carrying handle on the top

  1. KAVU Rope Bag

KAVU Rope Bag

Check Price Here

KAVU have a lot of rope bag designs but this particular model has a unique rope strap color matching each print color.

Like their other models, the backpack is a cross-body sling with two internal pockets and two external pockets making it suitable for an amusement park.

The bag is soft and easy to carry around and it is made with 100% cotton.


Perfect diaper bag

Sturdy and durable for long time use

2 interior and 2 exterior pockets


It’s quite expensive

  1. AOTIAN Lightweight Casual Small Backpack 10 Liters Light Blue, Warranty 1-Year

AOTIAN Lightweight Casual Small Backpack

Check Price Here

AOTIAN lightweight casual backpack is a very handy backpack that fits any occasion.

Be it a trip to Disney or a vacation at the beachside just pick up the stylish bag and you are good to go.

More so, because of the stylish design of the bag, it is recommended for girls and women.

The exterior of the backpack looks small but it has enough space to accommodate your iPad, umbrella, water bottle, makeups, snacks and other theme park essentials.


Sturdy lining, made of quality nylon

12 months warranty

Durable and perfect for amusement parks


Plastic zippers

  1. JanSport Half Pint Mini Backpack

JanSport Half Pint Backpack

Check Price Here

Jansport has been around for over forty years and they are good at what they do. Our list of best backpacks for amusement parks will be incomplete without this cool bag. A typical example of their excellent work is the JanSport half pint mini backpack.

This backpack is the perfect throw-on-and-go backpack. It is perfect for amusement parks and adventure most especially if you need a lightweight pack.


Comfortable to wear

Lifetime warranty

Small and easy to carry


None for now

  1. HITOP Drawstring Backpack, Waterproof Snow Resistant Bookbag Lightweight Sport Gym Bag For Men Women and Kids

HITOP Drawstring Backpack, Waterproof Snow Resistant Bookbag

Check Price Here

HITOP drawstring backpack is a product of HITOP, a company that prides themselves as the best in the travel gear and luggage niche.

This backpack lives up to its hype as it contains cool features like waterproof, large storage capacity and extremely lightweight.

That is, you don’t have to worry about rain with this bag at an amusement park or any outdoor event. You can rest assured your belongings will not get wet.

Also, the backpack comes with enough pocket and space to store your phone, water bottles, sweat towel, and other necessities making it perfect for campers, entertainment, and gym goers.


Water resistant fabric

Lightweight and convenient to carry

Big enough to accommodate theme park essentials


The straps need adjustment often

  1. AmazonBasics Classic Backpack

AmazonBasics Classic Backpack

Check Price Here

Here is a pretty cool classic backpack from Amazonbasics. The bag is very simple but efficient. It is lightweight and has a large capacity to hold a lot of materials.

The main compartment can hold a laptop, extra clothes, and stuff while the side pockets and front pocket can hold your water bottle and other personal items.

The sleek design with the padded back panel and shoulder straps makes the bag comfortable for amusement parks and long journeys.


Lightweight and cool design

Comes with a double zipper closure


None for now

  1. Crest Design Water Repellent Nylon Multipurpose Backpack Crossbody Shoulder Bag

Crest Design Water Repellent Nylon Multipurpose Backpack

Check Price Here

Are you a fashionista? Do you like looking different from the crowd? Then here is the perfect backpack for you from Crest Design.

The multipurpose bag can be worn on the back, crossbody or carried like a handbag without any hassle. The stylish and attractive design makes it call for attention.

Also, the backpack is water resistant and lightweight making it suitable for all seasons.

And of course, just like every other backpack on this list, the Crest Design bag comes with side pockets for your water bottle and umbrella.


Multipurpose backpack (can be worn like a backpack, tote, or cross-body messenger bag)

Water resistant

Interior and exterior pockets

One year warranty


Comes with plastic zippers

  1. CHARMINER Sling Bag, Leather Chest Bag Crossbody Shoulder Business Backpack Outdoor

CHARMINER Sling Bag, Leather Chest Bag Crossbody Shoulder Business Backpack

Check Price Here

This is a classy leather bag from CHARMINER. The sleek design of the backpack makes me recommend it for charming guys.

No matter the kind of crows in an amusement park, with this backpack you will be the focus of everyone.

The classy backpack can be used as a Chest Pack, Business Leather Bag, Casual Sports Sling Bag, Single Shoulder Bags, School Backpack, Travel bag, Leather Golf Bag, and Messenger Bag.

However, don’t be deceived by the size it can store all your theme park essentials and travel essentials.

If you are looking to surprise your husband, brother or father with a cool gift I will recommend this sling bag.


Quality leather

Big storage capacity

Durable and classy


None for now

  1. DC Comics Harley Quinn Knapsack Mochila

DC Comics Harley Quinn Knapsack Mochila

Check Price Here

DC Comics just came up with a perfect backpack for Harley Quinn fans. The knapsack is so handy and easy to carry because of its small size.

The bag is just 14×17 Inches making it perfect for amusement parks and outdoor events.

Also, the backpack features a drawstring and magnetic snap closure, two front pockets, and adjustable shoulder straps.

Therefore, you can pack all your essentials and still not feel you are carrying anything throughout the day.


Great quality

Colorful and presentable


Latches of the front pockets are not tightly fixed

  1. 20 x Bulk Drawstring Backpack – Sports Bag Cinch Sack

20 x Bulk Drawstring Backpack

Check Price Here

Here is a very simple design from Sea View Treasures. The drawstring backpack is for those don’t appreciate pockets on their bag as this looks childish for some people.

With this design, you can jump straight to the main compartment and lock it up when you are through.

If you also like to design your bags with logos or names, this is the perfect backpack for you. Just use heat transfer to put your logo or inscribe your name on it.

The cinch sports sack is cool for theme parks where security is an issue, no one can access your backpack unless you drop it.


Tough nylon with metal reinforced corners

Stain resistant

Ideal bag for giveaways


None for now

  1. HAZARD 4 Grayman(TM) Plan-B Light Go-Bag Sling Pack

HAZARD 4 Grayman(TM) Plan-B Light Go-Bag Sling Pack

Check Price Here

The Grayman sling pack from HAZARD 4 is the real deal. Since you are going to walk in the crowd in an amusement park the backpack is designed in a slim shape for easy maneuvering.

Enjoy the flexibility of the bag by rotating to the chest or the back.

Also, the inner compartment is divided into two making it easy for you to segment your essentials.

If you plan on visiting Disney world or any other amusement park this is the best day pack to carry along.


Smooth fabrics and tactical design

Removable Velcro panel

Thermoformed back-pad for air circulation

Quality zipper


No drink holder

  1. Disney Mickey Mouse Drawstring Backpack

Disney Mickey Mouse Drawstring Backpack

Check Price Here

One of the most popular backpack at Disney world is the Disney Mickey Mouse drawstring backpack.

The bag does not have any special feature like other bags on this list but it is very handy and lightweight. The sturdy design, affordable price, and the comic character at the back make it a must-have for fun lovers.

You can fit all your essentials inside and lock it up making it impossible for anyone to tamper with your things.

Therefore, if you are looking for something simple, light, cheap and durable then go for the Disney backpack.


Great quality

Small and lightweight



Comes with a chemical smell hence you have to sun dry it before using it.

  1. Mountainsmith Day Lumbar Pack

Mountainsmith Day Lumbar Pack

Check Price Here

Here is a unique pack from MountainSmith. The backpack has so many features like a Tuck-away waist belt, Strapette compatible for dual shoulder carry, Free Flow ridged back panel padding and lots of other cool stuff.

You can go for this backpack if you get tired of backing a bag for long as this gives you the flexibility of putting your bag in other positions.

Also, the backpack comes with a side bottle pocket for your water bottle and waist belt pocket for your phones.

The lumbar pack is not only cool for theme parks but can also be used as a hiking pack, disc golf bag, messenger bag, office briefcase, carryon bags, and diaper bags.


Front panel bungee attachment system

Interior foam padded sleeve

Waist belt pockets

Great quality


None for now

  1. Huwaijianfeng Hiking Backpack 50L Waterproof Backpack Outdoor Sport Daypack with a Rain Cover for Climbing Mountaineering Fishing Travel Cycling

Huwaijianfeng Hiking Backpack 50L Waterproof Backpack

Check Price Here

The Huwaijianfeng hiking backpack is a multifunctional backpack that can hold your theme park essentials and still work as a water storage pack.

In addition to its quality, the backpack comes with a rain cover making your bag invisible to rain during the rainy season.

The backpack comes with side pockets, hip belt pocket, front pocket, and a big inner compartment to hold your laptop.

You don’t have to worry about where to keep your phones, makeups or other accessories this awesome backpack got you covered.


50L storage

Rain cover included

Durable and lightweight

6 months warranty


The zippers are hard to use

The storage is not up to 50L as promised


I have just successfully made life easier for you by listing the 20 Best Backpacks for Amusement Parks on a single post.

Believe me! Every of this backpack is worth the price as we did a thorough review to come up with the best 20. We made sure every of this bag meets the consideration listed in the earlier part of this post.

Therefore, just pick any of the reviewed bags when going to a theme park, vacation or trip and be rest assured of the quality.

Feel free to comment below on your view on this backpack and if you find a more suitable backpack for Disneyland that is not listed here holla me ASAP.